Made in USA

Well, you made it! Welcome to Made in USA – this is the place where we will be featuring awesome products that are made right here in the good ole US of A. We LOVE the United States of America and want to make our Country GREAT Again!

We don’t want to keep making people in foreign countries rich while helping them take advantage of slave labor and poor ecological policies. We cannot keep on buying products from China, India and more while they keep on polluting our planet.

We DO want to promote and support AMERICAN companies, AMERICAN products and AMERICAN values. Buy AMERICAN!

Please use the links on this site to help support great companies and their employees right here in the United States of America. We may (hopefully) get a commission on some of the products to help us with our Mission of promoting and supporting AMERICAN companies and AMERICAN products that are Made in USA.

If you know of companies or products that you would like to see included here at Made in USA, please let us know. We will be happy to link to them and promote them – even if they choose not to support what we are doing. We LOVE AMERICA and want to support companies and their employees who produce products that are Made in the USA.

Note of Interest: There is at least one website claiming to support American companies and their products – but then they send you to Amazon and Walmart websites to buy their products. Don’t do it! PLEASE do NOT support these big box companies that are known to take advantage of laborers from other parts of the world. Amazon is actually helping illegal immigrants come into the United States so that they can take advantage of their labor. Shopping these stores is easy and cheap, but only supports their agendas – NOT our GREAT Country. Buy American. Buy Made in USA.

By Zen Chi

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