Just a short post to update on Joe Abs first DEXA body composition analysis of 2019. I did improve, but not a lot. Considering the improvement was made despite Christmas, New Years and my 56th birthday, a 4 day ski trip and some fairly painful injuries – I’ll take it.

Joe Abs Body Comp Results 10/18 – 1/19

I will also take it as extra motivation to really kick ass over the next 30 days or so.

Today’s DEXA scan showed that I only dropped 1.1 pounds, but I did gain 3.1 pounds of muscle and decreased my body fat percentage by 2.2%. Not bad considering the season – but not nearly the improvement I was shooting for. I plan on doing A LOT better during the next 30 days – but in reality, it looks like it could take another 90 days or so to reach my goal of getting back under 10% body fat …

Here are a few of the things I am committed to doing to help achieve this goal of getting back below 10% body fat:

  • Log at least 20,000 steps a day on my fitness tracker
  • Doing a BeachBody workout every single day during January
  • Drinking even more water each day (I already drink at least a gallon per day)
  • Cardio of at least 30 minutes a day
  • No Whey – I’ve decided to forgo whey protein shakes and bars during the month of January. This will be difficult, as frequent protein shakes have become a habit – but it will definitely help reduce my daily calorie intake.

I’m extremely optimistic that I will make even better progress towards my goal in the month of January. Stay tuned.

By Zen Chi

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