Joe's Tesla Model Y - Hele Mele - I'm Getting a Tesla

If you haven’t heard yet, I am FINALLY getting a Tesla! Over 8 years after driving a Tesla Model S P85D and writing a review entitled “I Want the Magic Car Too!“, I am scheduled to get my brand new Tesla Model Y with full self-driving capability by August 4th. I first ordered this car last October, still hoping that I would get it in time for some spring skiing in Utah. That did not happen.

Since then, circumstances have landed me in Honolulu, Hawaii and I had the delivery location changed from San Diego. Although the delivery has been delayed at least thrice, the delivery window is now between July 21 and August 4th. I cannot wait!

Oh – BTW, since my Tesla Model Y is going to be an island car, I have decided to name her Hele Mele – or Go Song. Cannot wait for Hele Mele to arrive! Stay tuned for photos …

By Joe Tesla Kennedy

Just a guy who has wanted to get a Tesla since driving a Tesla Model S P85D and writing a review on it on June 4, 2014

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