Tesla is a company that specializes in producing electric cars. It was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in July 2003. The Tesla Roadster was their first car produced (Cost $100,000). Their second car produced was the Tesla Model S ($50, 000). Elon Musk began sponsoring Tesla in 2004. Also known as one of the founders of PayPal and SpaceX he helped run Tesla and bought it out in (October) 2008.

Tesla also makes battery power storage devices, the Tesla Powerwall ($3,000), and Tesla PowerPack commercial batteries in which Tesla has a partnership with Maxwell Technologies Inc. Tesla released their electric car model 3 with hopes that it would be an affordable Tesla – and a vehicle that they can produce for the masses.

A Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s newest model and completes the S3XY (SEXY) acronym of models. It is able to travel over 300 miles per charge, have a 90kWh battery pack, have a 0-60 time of 3 seconds or less, and have dual electric motors providing real full time 4 wheel drive. I really like this car, because I’m looking for something that will be great on the snow for ski season.

Tesla Model Y will be Tesla’s newest car that comes out, and is Tesla’s latest concept vehicle. I’m looking forward to Tesla coming out with more Tesla cars .

The most popular electric vehicles (EVs), inspired by the original Telsa Motors Inc., are becoming increasingly affordable because of the rise of subsidies and tax rebates given by some countries and states around the world. A comprehensive list of consumer incentives is available at plugincars.com , but

Thank you for reading my post about finally getting a Tesla car, trying to decide which model I get! Please leave your comments.

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