he “22 Heroes To Zero Campaign” Will Assist In Generating Hope For An Illness That Is Difficult To Accept And Often Overlooked

Coffee Vets have announced the kickoff of “22 Heroes to Zero,” a human crowdfunding campaign to combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), an illness that is taking the lives of 20 + Veterans per day. The mission of the campaign is to raise funds and awareness to defeat PTSD and to encourage Veterans to seek help, and to obtain the best care possible. The campaign aims to raise $220K in 51 days via gofundme.com/22HeroesToZero and www.22HeroesToZero.com.

“In the next few months, our mission is to raise money and awareness to help American’s Veterans battle this staggering illness and to help them find the best care possible,” said Kip Nicely, Campaign Chair and President of Coffee Vets. “As a Veteran myself, we are proud to sponsor a campaign that will help generate hope and financial assistance for PTSD – an illness that is difficult to accept and is often overlooked. One hundred percent of the net profits will go to 22 of our nation’s organizations that are dedicated to helping veterans overcome and survive this devastating illness.”

There are two ways to participate:

(Option: 1) Starting today through December 31, people wanting to help can visit the “22 Heroes to Zero” Gofundme page. Donations up to $9 will receive a thank you video from the 22 Heroes team. Donations $10 and above, will receive a custom “22 Heroes to Zero” dog tag.

(Option: 2) Donors can visit www.22HeroesToZero.com. Donations up to $9 will receive a thank you video from the 22 Heroes team. $10 and above, will receive a custom “22 Heroes to Zero” dog tag. Donations $22 and above will receive a bag of COFFEE VETS’, coffee and a 22 Heroes to Zero” dog tag.

One hundred percent of the net profits of the sponsor organization, Coffee Vets, go to 22 PTSD-focused organizations that are on the front lines every day combating the illness. Below are the 22 organizations that this campaign will give to:

  • PTSD Foundation of America
  • Veterans Moving Forward
  • Paws for Purple Heart
  • Home Base
  • Military with PTSD
  • Hearts of Valor Retreats
  • Operation Restored Warrior
  • Team Overland
  • The Warrior Connection
  • Vets Journey Home
  • Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation
  • Boulder Crest Retreat
  • Semper K9
  • Lone Survivor Foundation
  • Operation: Warrior’s Path
  • Veterans Stress Project
  • PTSD Chat
  • The Pathway Home
  • Fairways for Warriors
  • Purple Heart Service Foundation
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
  • The American Legion


COFFEE VETS is Veteran owned company, on a mission to make a difference for our Heroes one bag of coffee at a time. COFFEE VETS is the premier sponsor of the 22 Heroes to Zero initiative — a campaign focused on battling PTSD, an illness that is taking the lives of 20 plus Veterans a day.

COFFEE VETS is all-natural, fairly traded, kosher, toxin free, high-mountain grown, hand selected, spring washed, sun dried and roasted to perfection. For more information, please visit, www.coffeevets.com.

It’s heroic to seek help! And it’s our duty to help those who are suffering with PTSD. They have fought for us and it’s time we fight for them.

Please join COFFEE VETS & 22 Heroes to Zero in our mission to help veterans suffering from PTSD to live a better life! www.22HeroesToZero.com #22HeroesToZero

By Zen Chi

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