In the name of its Winter Coverage community outreach program, the Earl Thomas III Guardian Angel Foundation made a $15,000 donation to provide 2,100 blankets for Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission.

The Mission’s supply of specialized wool rescue blankets that cover the body head-to-toe, are biodegradable and offer warmth, even when wet, had been depleted for four weeks.

Search and Rescue vans distribute 600 wool rescue blankets each week to those on the street. The last one-night count in January 2015 found 3,772 of unsheltered individuals in King County alone. For many, the blankets separate life from death and are also accompanied with friendly conversation, hot cocoa, supplies and an invitation back to the shelter for a warm bed.
“The Guardian Angel Foundation’s gift will not only enable thousands of unsheltered individuals to survive cold nights, but also help individuals forge a relationship with our Search and Rescue team that provides a crucial point of contact when these individuals are ready to take steps in rebuilding their lives,” said Linda Lynch, the Mission’s director of gift in kind.
The mission of the Earl Thomas III Guardian Angel Foundation is to provide resources and assistance to children and families in need. For more information, please visit

By Zen Chi

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