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Bellevue PublisherWe read or watch news for different reasons- to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip, so as to know how our favorite team has been performing, or even to check out market trends in business. Whatever your reason, you now have an opportunity to take charge and be on the ground to ensure that high quality newsworthy items reach people who live or operate businesses in and around Bellevue, Washington. This awesome chance has been provided by So, if you have some newsworthy item, and have been wondering where to get a Bellevue Publisher, you now know where to look.

Our Bellevue Business Partners

We are community-based here, and have partnered with companies in all types of businesses and services based in the northwest. We have a list of our partners that you can find here.

Amazing Services

We are not only giving you an opportunity to get a Bellevue publisher to allow you to tell your story to the community. You can list your company in our Business Directory at absolutely no cost. Our Business Events page allows you to know what events are happening around you that could be beneficial to you as a business person or even to your business. Apart from business-related events, we also keep you informed on those to do with entertainment, for instance a film festival for talented youth. Bellevue Business Journal is also an ideal place to advertise your business, at an affordable cost, depending on the size of banner, and whether the ad will be inserted into the e-newsletter.

What Is Bellevue Business Newsworthy?

So, what is newsworthy? We have many categories- arts, business, columns, contests, diversity, editorials, employment, entrepreneurship, events, fashion, fitness, good deeds, government, health, insurance, investing, science, social media, sports, technology, tourism, travel, Washington, women in business, and many more! Know who did charity work this weekend? Received awards? Got promoted? Just write the story, a Bellevue publisher is waiting for it, so as to help you tell it to your fellow citizens.

A favorite: Video PR

If you feel that you need more than advertising with us and being on our directory, this option is for you. Video PR involves recording video- could be as simple as a skype call that will help promote your upcoming event. The video will be shared on Bellevue Business Journal, our You Tube page, and on social media- Facebook, and Twitter. You can also post the link on your site, and any other relevant site. All this is at an affordable cost- $250. All you will need to do is provide the content to use in introduction, and questions to focus on. The advantage of this is that the target market is very specific, thus traffic that is generated resulting in leads will be relevant. Bellevue Business journal is the place to go for news and events in Bellevue, all created by you. Better still, you get to expose your business, advertise, get on our directory, and even get a video. We are your ultimate Bellevue Publisher. Undoubtedly, this is the best deal in town. Just contact and join us today.

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