About Eastside Business

eastside-business-journalEastside Business and EastsideBusinessJournal.com is a news site for the people, communities and businesses in and around Bellevue, and the Eastside of Lake Washington.  It started as a website to complement the Eastside Business newspaper, which ceased printing operations in 2007.

The Eastside of Lake Washington is a very dynamic and diverse part of the universe. Eastside residents are from cultures from all over the world.  Bellevue is a very tech friendly area, with many great entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies, as well as many huge corporations.

Owned and operated by long-time Eastsider and graduate of Bellevue High School, Joe  Kennedy, Eastside Business also maintains the Eastside Business Directory, a directory that lists and promotes the best businesses on the Eastside of Lake Washington.

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