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How to Make Millions Pitching and Winning Government Contracts

Final Book Press Release

Karwanna D. is a Government Contracts Strategist, Author, Transformational Speaker, and Founder & CEO of She’s Got Goals, LLC. announces her book launch “Don’t Duck The Government, They’ve Got Your Money Book”. A companion book for small business owners who wants to learn how to grow their business with government contracts.

This book is a compilation of her experience, knowledge, and expertise as a 20+ years business veteran. Following the principles of this book as a blueprint, Karwanna D., has helped over 200+ women and minority business owners grow their businesses landing multi six-figure contracts from budgets specifically set aside for women and minority small businesses.

She used to be a struggling small business owner herself, but then she discovered what she coins as the trillion-dollar secret to government contracts. She then landed her first-ever contract for $70,000 working 2 hours per day for only 28 days of work, providing photography and video production services with her company called Big Mouth Productions. A full-service multi-media production company.

It was one of the biggest turn-around of her business and in her life.

She said, “I struggled in a way that it made really no sense for me to have a business”.
“I had been chasing individual customers who barely had the money to pay me, it wasn’t enough for me to have

a sustainable income. I could barely buy shoes and clothes for my kids”.

“–one thing that actually saved me from having to move back into my mama’s house was government contracts. I went from barely making $20k a year to winning my first contract for 28 days of work, and it was a $70,000 contract on a multi-trillion-dollar project”.

For the first time, Karwanna D. shares this blueprint in one place. You can be in business for 90 days and be highly profitable within 6 months to a year of selling your products and services to the Government without chasing individual customers that barely even have the money to pay you. You will learn how to identify your niche and turn your passion into profit and earn consistent income while staying true to your purpose.

This 124-page book lays out a comprehensive yet focused 7 Chapters of tips and information on everything you need to know about Government Contracting and why it is such a game-changer especially for struggling small businesses. Learning about how to position your business to win government contracts, knowing the types of Government Contracts, how to research agencies that buy your products and services, how to get certifications, seek subcontracting opportunities, and more. Most importantly, it comes with free access to some extra tools and resources to help you actually reach some milestones in your business.

By Zen Chi

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