The travel industry comprises of 10% the global economy, and due to the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, the whole industry has come to an absolute standstill. Employing over 300 million people globally, the travel and tourism industry presents with jobs to people, who find a way to a pathway out of their poverty while presenting them with opportunities to preserve their culture, especially in the developing countries.

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Whenever a single individual takes a trip, the domino effect of consumption is set to motion, which in turn directs the currencies to the airline industry, hotels, and restaurants, individual rental car providers, taxi drivers, tour guides, artisans, local shopkeepers amongst many others.

But the question remains that today or tomorrow, will we leave the comforts of our home and step outside to explore the world, to satiate our wanderlust soul. So, how will the travel and tourism industry change, and what are the changing trends of the same, when the pandemic is over? These are some of the questions, that are encircling our minds and for a good reason.

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As the world is graciously recovering from the pandemic, in the coming months, the travel industry is sure to face some major changes. And as the search for a vaccination continues, there are certain changes in our regular lives and has become the new normal.

Most individuals are eager to take trips within their country, rather than going for an international trip, as their first post COVID trip. Hence there is arise in local tourism within each country. Domestic travel is gradually gaining popularity in the coming months, boosting the local economy. The travelers are planning local trips more and rediscovering their country from scratch.

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As compared to the previous years, the countries which have a large international travel base will witness a rise in their local tourism sector of their country. And, this is because of the localization of tourism, as the individuals who were more likely to plan an international trip earlier, will now plan local trips as they prefer staying within their country.

The outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, camping, and biking, amongst a few others, will also grow, as now the outdoor is the new destination for a change. Fishing, sailing, cycling are a few more activities that are becoming the new favorites.

Future of Travel in Post Covid World Eastside Business Journal

Alternate travel ideas are also gaining momentum like road trips and RV travels. People are now more comfortable with road trips and in RVs rather than hopping on an airplane. Planning a vacation is not the same as before. There are many things to consider while planning a trip in the post COVID world, and the safety of your family including yours is a priority. And, nothing is surprising about people choosing staycations closer to their homes, offbeat activities in low-density areas. The idea of alternate traveling is to stay isolated and minimize the risk of exposure while maintaining social distancing. Alternative traveling ideas allow people to step out of their homes and break the monotony of staying locked up for a long time.

Stay safe and stay healthy – and please do share your travel experiences during these crazy times.

By Zen Chi

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