Stacia Loo's skiis magic carpetThinking about learning how to ski? I just took my first beginner ski lessons at Whistler Blackcomb. I have never skied in my life. On my first trip to Whistler Blackcomb I did not take any lessons and wanted to try snowboarding because it looked cool. It was fun but it was so hard and took us 4 hours to get down the mountain mostly on our butts. Although I loved it and had fun I may have had a better time and received more confidence if I took some lessons first.

Preparing For Your First Lesson at Whistler Blackcomb

We drove up from Bellevue, Washington through beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada up to Whistler Blackcomb. It was a beautiful and short 4 hour road trip. I am not the best packer and I forgot the key item: a Ski Jacket. If you happen to forget such an item and are on a budget like myself. I found the best place to stop for discount gear, “Army and Navy” in Vancouver, WA. I was happy to find a great deal or else I would have spent a fortune.

If you want to avoid renting items make sure to bring…
1. Helmet
2. Gloves
3. Ski Pants
4. Under Armour
5. Ski Jacket
6. Goggles
7. Ski Socks

If you don’t want to think about it and don’t mind they will have everything you need at Whistler Blackcomb available for sale or rent.

Magic Carpet WhistlerBeginner Ski Lesson at Whistler Blackcomb Day 1

On day one I got all setup and fitted for my boots and ski’s at the Whistler Mountain Base directly across the Whistler Village Gondola Building. After I got fitted for my boots my lesson started at 9:45 am so make sure you get in a little breakfast a head of time and get yourself at the base a little early to give yourself time to get your gear and meet up with you group.

Stacia Loo and Ski Classmates at Whistler BlackcombI took a group lesson which was great because I got paired up with 3 other ladies that were all first timers as well. I met people from all over the world, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and Japan.

My teacher was great he taught me all the basics. As we headed up to the learning area our ski teacher taught me how to put my boots on correctly so that I don’t hurt yourself. How to put your skies on correctly and most importantly how to carry your skies while with style. Haha!

The learning center/ magic carpet area was great open area for learning. We warmed up with a circle and started learning how to walk with our skies on. How to put on our skies and take them off easily. How to walk up and down the hill without sliding down the wrong way. By the end of the day we were able to follow the leader and make turns up and down the magic carpet.

Beginner Ski Lesson at Whistler Blackcomb Day 2

I had a great first day and I thought “wow I could keep skiing do I really need to take another lesson?” After day 2 I highly recommend taking another lesson. I wanted the same teacher but it happened to work out because a few of the ladies in my group did not return so I got to meet a new set of ski friends that were about the same level as well.

I got another amazing teacher who was from Japan and she had been a competitor and had a lot of great knowledge. She was very attentive to each person in my group and genuinely wanted to make sure she watched everyone’s form and as we headed up the magic carpet she made an effort to walk up and down and talk to each person to give us tips.

By the end of day two she had us going down steeper hills and I felt so confident in my skills. Day 1 I was dependent on my poles and was using them to push me around. By day 2 I was skiing with no poles with more confidence, ripping in through the mountain like an Olympic Skier. In two days I felt like I could try out for the next SOCHI Olympics lol.. Just Kidding!

Though I am very happy to report that I highly recommend that on your next trip to Whistler Blackcomb that you take a full 2 day ski lesson from any of the 12000 instructors that they have and it will be well worth it.

    Whistler Blackcomb

Max4 Group Ski Lessons levels 1-3
Meeting Times & Locations
Full Day – Meet at 9:45am – Lesson ends at 3pm.
Half Day PM – Meet at 12:45pm – Lesson ends at 3pm

Whistler Mountain Base – Blue flags/tent located out the front of Whistler Village Gondola Building.
Blackcomb Mountain Base – Blue flags/tent located outside Kiosk near base of Wizard Express.

Whistler Base: November 28, 2013 – April 21, 2014
Blackcomb Base: December 7, 2013- April 13, 20143- April 13, 2014

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