Live Event Artist Tom FaganA number of years ago, San Diego artist and my friend Tom Fagan, was a successful artist who painted everything from fine art, plein air, seascapes, to huge murals at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  Then he went into the hospital for what was supposed to be a simple knee replacement surgery.  He ended up staying in the hospital for about a year and left there without one of the legs he went in with.  It was certainly a personal tragedy – difficult to see by Tom’s friends and family, but even more excruciating for Tom to endure.

Tom Fagan has risen from his personal tragedy a better, stronger man – and an even more inspired artist.  He was recently featured on the WE tv show I Do Over, as an event artist, who in this case was painting a wedding.

Most of his art can be found at, but he also has a site at

If you are interested in having a professional artist at your wedding or event, Tom has been hired to paint around the world and can be contacted at

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