Sometimes it can seem like a business’s website can be “lost in space” with nobody finding it on searches and almost no traffic at all.

A good cure for this problem is to be linked to and from by other sites – especially sites that rank well for your desired keywords.  For instance, if it would be important to you to be ranked highly under the keywords “Bellevue Business”, it would probably be very beneficial to you to be linked to the Eastside Business Directory at (which is consistently the #1 organic ranked site on Google for the keywords mentioned).  Once you have a link from us (we’ll probably want to share you on Twitter and Facebook too), you might want to share the love with a link back to our site from yours – and you might even decide that you would like to write a regular (or semi-regular) column for us.

The price of this online marketing help is normally only $100 for an entire year!!!  For a very limited time and only the first 50 businesses, the price has been slashed in half to $50 for 12 full months!  Get your business listed in the Eastside Business Directory now – before your competitors do!

Here is some more information about the directory:

Who should list their business in Eastside Business Directory?
(there are 180 categories – if we don’t have yours, let us know and we’ll create it)

  • Anyone who sells a product, whether it’s a physical product or a digital product like an e-book
  • Anyone who provides a service, like graphic designers, web designers, nannies, cleaning services, and bookkeepers
  • Anyone who owns a store, whether it’s a bricks & mortar store or an online store
  • Anyone who has a blog, website or other online presence they want noticed
  • Anyone who wants increased sales, more exposure, and improved SEO.

Why should you list your business in Eastside Business Directory?

Here are just a few good reasons I can think of:

  • It’s an extremely affordable way to market your business – it’ll cost you just $100 per year or $0.27 per day.
  • It offers maximum exposure – something you definitely need. Well, at least for your business.
  • It will help you increase your sales all year round.
  • It will boost your SEO by having your URL link on a Google Page Rank 4 site
  • It will get you on the #1 Googled site for Keyword “Bellevue Business”
  • It will support your new business, product launches, promotions, specials and more

What will my Eastside Business listing look like?

Your Bellevue Business Journal Listing will look awesome. No, really…check out our current Eastside Business Directory

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