I’m wondering if anyone else is offended by all the campaign signs littering our roadways this time of year?  YES – offended, not just annoyed.  I’m offended that these people running for office apparently think these signs are going to affect the way that I vote.

Ironically - it seems like there were many more yesterday - how do certain signs disappear overnight?

This is an ancient and outdated method of reaching voters with a positive message and should be ‘deleted’.  Personally I would vote for the person who reached out through social media and made it a point NOT to use campaign signs (or some of the slimey campaign tactics being used in our local election).

I’ve never understood why political candidates are not subject to the same telemarketing and junk mail regulations as anyone else.  While I do think that all people who are eligible should be registered to vote and want to know about the candidates and the various issues and then vote – I don’t think they should be able to force feed the public whatever they like in any way possible.  The smear campaigns I’ve been seeing are more than sickening.

Anyone else have an opinion about campaign signs and other campaigning issues?

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