Thriving in the trade exchange industry, Bellevue-based BizXchange (BizX) provides companies with financial solutions to help improve and grow business.  Sales are conducted using BizX dollars, a private currency used by members of the exchange. The typical transaction range is $1,200 – $2,700, with services including advertising, construction work, printing and many other business products and services.

BizXchange recently raised the bar when it comes to offering big ticket items on the exchange. A $2.5 million yacht from Dubai is up for sale, and the buyer is willing to accept BizX dollars.  This is the single, most expensive item ever listed on BizXchange, and it is a testament to the growing confidence in BizX currency. 

Just for a point of reference, here is a snapshot of what could be exchanged via BizX for the $2.5 million vessel:

  • 12,500 weeks of mobile billboard advertising
  • 11,473 hours of furnace servicing
  • 104,384 oil changes
  • 106 interior and exterior paint jobs
  • 34 years on a billboard
  • 35 restaurant build-outs
  • 833 gallons of toner
  • 714,285 cupcakes
  • 278,000 tanning sessions

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