Margaret McElroy is taking magic one step further by holding a Children’s Intuitive Workshop at the Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts in Issaquah to assist young people to tap into the Magic of Metaphysics. “So many children are incredibly intuitive today” says Margaret McElroy, who runs the Center for Intuitive Arts, “but there is nowhere for them to learn about it and, until now, nobody to teach them.” Margaret, with her bubbly English accent and her magical intuitive insights, is a perfect fit to take children and young adults on an adventure of unlocking the magical world of their hidden knowings and feelings.

It all happens on Sunday, Aug 28th, from 2-5 p.m. at the Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts in Issaquah. Margaret and her husband, Alan, will teach two groups, children 7-12 years old and teens 13 years and older. “Yes, they will have a magic wand,” says Margaret. The workshop will include subjects such as ghosts, communicating with your Guardian angel, talking to spirits. It’s all about creating the magic to make your dreams come true and learning that you are invincible! For further information, visit or contact the Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts at 425-270-3270.

Margaret McElroy is an internationally renowned clairvoyant, deep-trance channel, astrologer, past-life healer, counselor, and teacher. Born and raised in England, her adventures have taken her to Australia and New Zealand where she became the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly clairvoyant. In 1999, she was invited to give a metaphysical talk at the UN in New York. She is the author of 5 books and, with her husband Alan, operates the Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts. She and Alan host a weekly radio show, “The Sixth Sense” on each Thursday evening at 7 p.m. Pacific Time.

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