Bellevue College has renewed a cooperation agreement with the State of Jalisco, continuing the promotion of cross-border learning opportunities for faculty and students.

The document was signed by BC President Jean Floten and José Antonio Gloria Morales, Secretary of Education of the State of Jalisco of the United Mexican States. Witnesses were Alejandro Garcia Moreno Elizondo, Consul General of Mexico in Washington, and Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, Representative from Washington’s 46th Legislative District.

As part of an ongoing exchange of ideas between Washington state and the Mexican state of Jalisco, the agreement is a commitment to encourage cultural and educational exchanges between the two organizations and serves to strengthen the ties of understanding, friendship and cooperation between both countries.

Among its goals is to promote the learning of the Spanish and English languages within both institutions. Seminars and courses may be developed to encourage cultural awareness, and schools will provide videos, catalogs and other media that can be exchanged and made available through each college’s library and study abroad advisors.

A delegation of government representatives from Mexico attended the ceremony and later toured Microsoft headquarters in Redmond and the Boeing production plant in Everett with Bellevue College administrators.

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