An innovative carbon footprint reduction program – called Carbon Yeti – created by the City of Bellevue’s Utilities Conservation and Outreach Group has earned them an EPA Clean Air Excellence Award. The Carbon Yeti program raises awareness about climate change, motivates city residents to reduce their individual “carbon footprint” and measures the resulting carbon emissions reduction in the community.

Bellevue’s Carbon Yeti program has already received over 850 pledge cards from city residents, representing future reductions of over 9,000 tons of CO2, or equal to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of 1,563 passenger vehicles.

In an announcement made today in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honored Carbon Yeti and 11 other fun and innovative programs across the U.S. that protect people’s health and create cleaner air.

Carbon Yetiis expected to reach a wide audience, including students, parents, general public, and the business community. Action steps include: waste reduction/recycling, pollution prevention, water conservation, natural yard care, and energy conservation.

Carbon Yeti also offers branded giveaways, a “smaller footprint” pledge book, online pledges, trading cards, a mascot, a Facebook page, and an interactive online Carbon Yeti House with embedded games (


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