America’s self-improvement aficionados are frustrated. They see the same things in all of the self-help books available on the market. It seems that most self-improvement authors, well-meaning people to be sure, have a revelation and feel the need to transfer that new-found knowledge to a book.

Forgoing the normal book model, local author and corporate trainer Mac Macdonald has compiled a glossary of terms that is perfectly described as “a book for the ages, a book for all ages”. Subtitled “A Glossary of Mission, Vision, and Passion”, Ivan Braiker, CEO of Hip Cricket a Seattle-based tech firm says about it, “every self-help and leadership training program on the market is synthesized in this easy read. Written with wit and verve this is a real find.”

In a world filled to the brim with same ol’ same ol’ self-motivation and self-fulfillment books, this fuse-lighter provides just the right knowledge in just the right amount of time – in other words right now. According to James Robert Huntley author, statesman, internationalist and humanitarian, founder of the respected WA DC based Council for a Community of Democracies, “Mac Macdonald is a master at casting off the shackles of jargon and, with great clarity, telling those who need it most what they must know about human behavior, especially in groups and the workplace, if you and they are to succeed — and in the process help make this a better world.”

Training expert Larry Reymore states: “This stimulating book delivers much more than promised, and it does so without needless fluff or hype. For leaders it is a condensed resource guide covering a vast array of the concepts central to ‘Emotional Intelligence’. It offers new insights for personal fulfillment; for the organization it means everything.”

“Lighting Your Own Fuse” represents a timely avenue for hope, for rejuvenation, and for recommitment. This book provides tools, techniques and skills for growth, and does not beat around the bush getting there. Available through Amazon it truly comforts the disturbed, and places people right back on board their future train.

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5 Reasons to purchase and gift this book

1.     To provide techniques, tools, and ideas that help you delight and retain clients, customers, and colleagues.

2.     To drive fear out of the family, organization or workplace, invite openness in, and base it all upon the notion of what trust and accountability looks like.

3.     To shake anyone out of lethargy, complacency, lowered morale or self-expectations, in spite of having to do more with less resources.

4.     To comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

5.     To give people Hope and Power at a time they are feeling devoid of both.

This book will help you in your leadership role.  See as well how my personal presentations have re-lit people’s fuses, and can in your organization.

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One thought on “Local Author Mac MacDonald “Comforts the Disturbed and Disturbs the Comfortable with New Book”, “Lighting Your Own Fuse””
  1. I had the fortunate opportunity to attend one of Mac’s presentation and it was wonderful to see him at his best. Mac’s interaction with the participants was enthralling and the group exercises were a great reminder of occurrences in our everyday lives. As for this remarkable book, it is such an easy read and excellent reference guide that I continually find myself going back to review numerous topics and terms. A must read for everyone. You will not be disappointed!
    Dominique Lemaitre
    Food for Thought, Inc.

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