Claudia Balducci, a public safety official, mom, neighborhood leader, and transportation advocate who has fought for coordinated economic growth for downtown has officially announced that she will seek re-election.  A resident of the Lake Hills neighborhood, Balducci first entered Bellevue politics to assure a balance in City Hall on issues impacting residential communities, including road and sidewalk investments and police and fire protection.

“I am proud of my record of standing up for all the people of Bellevue, assuring that our policies target growth for a strong downtown, while safeguarding our residential neighborhoods,” said Balducci. “I look forward to building upon that record, especially as we address budget cuts and other challenges.”

Director of the King County Jail, Balducci has a unique expertise in criminal justice policy.  She has earned important endorsements from Bellevue fire fighters and other city leaders.  A regional leader in transportation and transit policy, Balducci has fought for a transit system that works for Bellevue residents while demanding transparency and accountability from both Sound Transit and the Bellevue City Council in current deliberations over alignment of voter-approved light rail.

“We owe it to voters to build light rail connecting downtown to job centers throughout the region in a way that is cost effective and free of personal and political conflict,” said Balducci. “From Microsoft to small businesses throughout the region, employers and citizens alike want to see progress, not gridlock.”

Balducci plans to campaign door to door throughout the spring and summer, consistent with her commitment to listen and engage the people of Bellevue in the issues impacting their families.

“We are a fast growing, dynamic city with a great future,” said Balducci.  “I am excited to continue serving our neighbors and look forward to making more progress on the priorities we share.”

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