Economy, you are healed!

So says Top MonaVie distributor (and did he mention millionaire?) Brig Hart, the world’s most successful network marketer and author of WHY NOT YOU? WHY NOT NOW? (Franklin Green; January 14, 2011).

What, pray tell, sets Brig apart from the other millionaires out there?

For starters, Brig Hart doesn’t work hard – his game is what he calls “working smart.”

And, recession be damned, he calls this economy the opportunity of a lifetime.

Who is Brig Hart?

Aside from being Founder and President of R3Global, The New Life Network, and the More Project, he’s the man who called Nike up and demanded compensation for all the years he served as a walking billboard for them (they hung up on him).

He’s the man who says to leave your four-year degree at the door.

He’s the man who says ‘money comes looking for me.’

AND, he’s the man who says he doesn’t feel guilty about all this wealth, because God gives him stewardship of his private jet. (You heard right.)

Oh, and making millionaires and entrepreneurs is his side gig.

Book Brig today for an enlightening conversation about:

  • His 10-Step Action Plan for success
  • How to surpass your dreams through network marketing
  • His four cautions to remember in business and in life
  • Brig’s version of “the secret” to always get what you envision
  • Why Brig says he still has an attitude of gratitude in light of his mega-success
  • Why Brig says most people quit just before striking gold

About the Book

In 1977 the Hart family moved to Jacksonville and younger son Brig enjoyed the carefree life of a surfer. After a stint in the Marines, Brig and his brother opened a surf shop on a shoestring budget. They were poor defined and embodied. Then a series of events unfolded that transformed Brig’s personal life, his spiritual values, and his business energy. At a time when many felt that Amway was yesterday’s news, Brig started a marketing company that he built into the largest independent sales and marketing company in Amway’s’ history. A few years later Brig and his team discovered a little known fruit and berry beverage manufactured and sold in modest quantities in Utah. Within 5 years MonaVie was the fastest growing independent multi-level sales and distribution business in the world. Twice successful beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, Brig and his wife Lita have started two non-profit 501(C)3 organizations to help needy children in Brazil and to encourage business people in the Christian faith and values that they hold dear. Hundreds of thousands of people look to Brig for leadership and inspiration as they pursue their dream of success with MonaVie. This is his first autobiographical book and the first book to tell this incredible success story.

About the Author
Brig Hart is the founder and President of R3Global, The New Life Network, and the More Project. Go to for a video of his life and an explanation of his work and the MonaVie product line. Also see to learn more about the many services and the support Brig offers to his sales team

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