Meet the Artists Series – Vernissage

(Exhibit Preview)

Wednesday May 11, 2011, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Roenoff’s first memories as a young child are memories of drawing. His parents had grown up as farmers and ranchers in Colorado and Wyoming and he spent younger days exploring family farms and the outdoors, capturing places and objects of affection in drawings and paintings that were part of his daily life.

“Everywhere I look, I see a painting. I have a great appreciation for the light, texture, and geometry that occur in nature and in life. All places, people, and things have inherent beauty. A rustic old truck, desolate place, or busy main street can emit peace, beauty, and a sense of place. Capturing the light, texture, and geometry of everyday life is my artistic ambition”.

Rosenoff paints with a palette knife because it gives him the opportunity to interact with paint in a very tactile, expressionistic way, thick and luscious with a buttery texture. Each viewer of his art is able to gain a strong sense of my physical interaction with the paint, with every stroke and manipulation visible forever. The surfaces of his paintings are very telling, sometimes resembling a mosaic of palette knife strokes. Never muddy, but clean and color conscious.

As an artist, he am inspired by prominent contemporary Italian masters Marco Sassone and Nicola Simbari, and more recently master oil painters Gregory Packard and Louisa McElwain.

For more information, please contact the gallery. 425-283-0461.


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