Yes We CAN End Hunger on the Eastside of Lake WashingtonWe are so very fortunate to have so many great individuals, families, organizations, businesses and corporations here on the Eastside of Lake Washington.  There is no mistaking that even in tough times, life is pretty darn good for many of us.

Still the same, the unfortunate fact is that there are thousands of people on the Eastside who do not get enough to eat.  I believe the Eastside has the people and the resources to solve this problem in our own back yard.  What might neighboring cities, states and countries do in following our lead if we work together to make sure all our neighbors have enough to eat?

I have recently started working for Renewal Food Bank in Bellevue to help get out the word about the need that exists, the services that Renewal Food Bank provides and help mobilize our community to help our neighbors in need.

Renewal Food Bank is part of the Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline networks and was started in May of 1998 by World Impact Network and fellow Eastside Entrepreneurs, Gabriella and Peter van Breda and currently serves over 3,500 people every month.

Please learn how you can make a huge difference in your community by ‘liking’ Renewal Food Bank on Facebook and following @RenewalFoodBank on Twitter.

We have lots of great upcoming projects to participate in, including Macy’s Community Shopping Day at Bellevue Square on May 14th, the Eastside Year Round Food Drive (organizations and businesses wanted to collect food one month each year) and the Piggy Bank Parade spare change drive.

Thank you VERY much for your support.  I sincerely believe that we on the Eastside can make a HUGE local, statewide, national and worldwide impact, simply by feeding our neighbors who don’t get enough to eat.

PLEASE let all your friends and family know about Renewal Food Bank.  We may be able to help them – or they may be able to help us.  Either way, our community wins!


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