Dike Drummond, MD has discovered the “cure” for the Midlife Crisis. It’s not a pill – it’s a 3-hour workshop called The 3-Hour Midlife Crisis, and it comes to Bellevue next week!

When Dr. Dike Drummond had a midlife crisis, he walked away from a healthy six-figure income and a successful medical practice to re-invent himself. It was not an easy or short road for Drummond to “find himself” and his new career path, but he emerged on the other side of his crisis as a multi-faceted entrepreneur, investor and coach. There was struggle, pain and confusion along the way as he told himself, “There must be something more than ‘THIS’!”

As the result of his experiences and transitions (including the ending of his 24-year marriage), Drummond realized he had developed a formula that would help others bypass the pain and find their PURPOSE a whole lot faster! Now his mission is to share this breakthrough with others – to help people see their frustrations, dissatisfactions, and yes, their “midlife crises” as  a CALL TO ACTION, or a CALL-ING to the more passionate and fulfilled life that awaits them.

Drummond’s doing just that in an event called The 3-Hour Midlife Crisis. In just three hours, he guides participants through no-nonsense, high-impact, exercises to help them…

  • Discover what they are uniquely prepared to do in the next chapter of their life and business – using their own history and dreams to show the way.
  • Establish a direct connection with their Intuition and other sources of Inner Wisdom … so they never have to second-guess their gut feelings.
  • Understand the #1 mistake of a Dysfunctional Midlife Crisis (the red Ferrari version) and how to avoid it.
  • Pick a Dream to bring to life and build an action plan and support system to make it happen.
  • Have a full-body experience of living this dream and be able to tap into this energy to pull them into your future.
  • Discover a community of like-minded people engaged in building more passionate lives and soul-based businesses together.
  • Leave with a solid plan to make a lasting, positive change – starting the very next day!

The 3-hour Midlfe Crisis debuts in Bellevue April 28, from 9am to noon at Friends Philosophy and Tea located at 13850 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue WA 98005. The event is also happening Saturday, May 7, from 1-4pm, and a May 6 “entrepreneurs only” event is likely to be added


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