According to a blog post by Jeanne Lang Jones on the website, David Barton Gym’s parent company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  They are apparently trying to renegotiate $1.18 million dollars owned on their lease at The Bravern – amongst numerous other debts.

This is not good news for anyone (except possibly some other local health clubs).  It was a little surprising to me that nobody nominated David Barton as the best health club on the Eastside after my blog post “I Hate My Gym” last month. It was almost as surprising to me that nobody at David Barton would ever return my calls or emails about helping them get more people in their doors at no cost …

Regardless, I hope they are able to come out of it and stay in business – but if they do, my bet it is without their Bellevue location in The Bravern.

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