Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) will be sponsoring the Washington DECA Community Service Project event at the state competition this year.  BBRC provides funds that allow the students who are winners at the state competition to be able to attend the international competition.

DECA gives students hands-on experiences in the fields of marketing, business and entrepreneurship, which enhances the student’s classroom experience through conferences and competitions.  The students will compete in the “Community Service” portion of the competition.  They spend several weeks developing, and then implementing, various community service projects. These events help mold the students into character driven leaders who play their part in the community.

BBRC presented the grant awards to the winning students at the DECA State Leadership Conference competition on February 25th, 2011.  The first place winner was Braden Timm from Liberty High School; second place went to Kiely Keatts, Eliza Swan and Taylor Dressen from Clarkston High School; third place went to Srey Victoria and Tracey Muwanguzi from Lindbergh High School; fourth place went to Katelyn Mincin, Emily Mincin and Haley Mincin from Skyline High School; and fifth place went to Katherine Elvir, Trevor Emerson and Crystal Swanson from West Valley High School.

These Community Service Project Winners are now International Qualifiers who will move forward to the International Competition.  Tim Leahy from the BBRC said of the community service projects “Many, if not most, of the projects are very impressive and there is nothing like standing on stage, with lights flashing, and hundreds of your fellow high school students cheering and yelling in support of your achievement!  It can only be exhilarating for all concerned.”

Chuck Kimbrough, BBRC’s President, says of the club’s involvement: “It’s a great fit with the BBRC’s ‘vision and values’.  The combination of helping our youth to develop a sense of helping others is completely in line with ‘service above self’.  What a great stage in life to learn that!”

About Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club

The Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) is known as The Best Darn Club in the World with a membership in excess of 120 community-minded individuals. The club was chartered in 1985 and its membership is dedicated to “service above self” and participating in Rotary International’s mission to promote understanding, goodwill, and world peace.  The vision of the BBRC is to cultivate a dynamic membership that enhances our club values to serve our local and world communities, providing systemic and enduring change.  If you are interested in learning more, please go to our website at:

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