Not too long ago, a new news service called The Patch started up operations in Bellevue.   Bellevue Patch is a daily newsletter with news and articles – and five things “you need to know”.  I’ve been reviewing it daily, but rarely does it contain anything I am interested in – and when it does, it seems to be old news.

I’ve been trying to decide it is worth getting this email every day and I was just about to opt out.  Then I read this article about The Patch at Inman News – and now I have unsubscribed.  I gave up on AOL many, many years ago – and no longer want my news from a national conglomerate with a shady past.

What do YOU think?

3 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think of AOL’s The Patch?”
  1. I’m not a fan. In about 36 months AOL will realize they spent a ton of money, and they are still not profitable, and fold.

  2. I like The Patch. When I used to live in California, I enjoyed most of the articles (for my specific city). Maybe it just depends on who’s writing what content.

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