Pasado’s Safe Haven is seeking a $3,000 corporate sponsor to help fund its annual “Home for the HOWLidays” activities, which culminate December 21 in visits by staff and volunteers to Puget Sound area homeless shelters and families in need to deliver supplies that will help keep pets healthy throughout the holiday season.

Pasado’s has purchased a pallet of premium dog food that will provide more than 5,100 meals that will be distributed during the event, as well as other supplies that have been collected for both dogs and cats through donation bins at Whole Foods, All the Best Pet Care and other area retailers that are supporting the organization’s efforts.

“It’s no secret that families are really suffering in this economy,” says Stacie Martin, Chief Operating Officer of Pasado’s. “We don’t want them to have to choose between putting food on their table or in their pets’ food bowls. So we’re ratcheting up our efforts to raise additional donations to meet the increasing demand for assistance. Our goal is to help keep as many dogs and cats safe and secure this winter, as we possibly can.”

Pasado’s will feature the event sponsor prominently on its Web site, as well as provide other visibility in e-mails, newsletters, press releases and other communication vehicles that will generate goodwill for the donor. The sponsor also will be offered opportunities to participate in future animal-welfare related high-publicity events throughout the coming year.  “But more importantly, they’ll be helping local families and their beloved, four-legged friends during what’s been forecast to be one of our rainiest, snowiest, windiest — and most frigid winters in recent memory,” Martin says.

Volunteers will travel by caravan to locations in Seattle, Monroe, Sultan, Startup, Index, Baring, Snohomish and the Eastside to deliver the food, treats, blankets, beds, toys and other supplies. Anyone who wants to assist with the distribution should contact David Walega, Pasado’s volunteer manager and marketing associate at If you would like to sponsor the event, or provide additional assistance to Pasado’s Safe Haven, please contact Stacie Martin at

To learn more about Pasado’s Safe Haven and its statewide 24-hour rescue, cruelty investigations and other work, or to help defray expenses related to the medical care and rehabilitation of animals in Pasado’s care, as well as with their potential placement with foster or permanent homes, please visit: .

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