Bellevue Square’s new Microsoft Store has been grabbing headlines for much of the week.  Tonight they are for all the wrong reasons.

After convincing hundreds of youth and parents to spend up to 12 hours camping out for tickets to a Miley Cyrus “concert”, the event turned out to be 4 more hours of waiting and then 4 songs and less than 28 minutes of music.  Not exactly the “concert” that was promised.

Many, many children and parents were upset leaving the venue, with one youth saying “I’m going to sue Microsoft” while leaving the parking lot of the old Safeway store where the “event was held”.

It was a MAJOR PR nightmare – guaranteed to have caused many people to look at software and gaming systems other than Microsoft this holiday season.  I know I will be making my next computer system a Linux system.  Even my daughter Jacqueline Kennedy who turns 7 tomorrow said “what a great birthday present – I cannot believe they would do that.”

At the grand opening of the Microsoft Store on Thursday, I was kind of proud when Microsoft’s bosses called Bellevue Microsoft’s “home town” – after tonight, I am fully embarrassed.  I fully agree with Jacqueline – I cannot believe they would do that ….

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Store Sends Children Home in Tears After Sham Miley Cyrus “Concert””
  1. That’s some first class whining about a whole lot of nothing. I do wish they would have chosen a performer who suited those who might be spending money at the Microsoft store in the first place. I’m betting it had more to do with the performer’s demands and contract, but unless you know better, it’s all just guessing as to who should be ‘faulted,’ if anyone.

  2. We totally agree!! We waited for more than 8 hours for less than 25 minutes of Miley. We felt jipped!! Seemed like we were duped by both Miley and Microsoft in the end. So disappointing…won’t be supporting Miley in the future for sure. Its been over 4 hours since the concert ended and I still can’t feel my feet!

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