As a longtime resident of the 48th Legislative District and a Board member of the Children’s Campaign Fund I enthusiastically support Ross Hunter for reelection to the State House. Ross, who in the words of the Seattle PI is “blunt, imaginative, impatient and productive”, is a champion for children worthy of our endorsement and support.

Ross Hunter shares my values on the importance of children as he makes rational economic decisions based on his strong support for education and his caring for children. He has cut billions while preserving key programs like low-income childcare, allowing single parents to transition from welfare to work.

Representative Hunter is a rational, moderate legislator who doesn’t duck difficult decisions.

His solutions are thoughtful and he has the ability to make things happen even in tough economic times!  More political information is available on his website and his substantive policy work may be found on which contains a recently posted jobs strategy and budget options document.

Visit the references yourself and vote for CCF’s endorsed candidate in the 48th!

Cynthia F. Shurtleff, M.Ed.

Board Member, Children’s Campaign Fund

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