On 10/10/10 (October 10, 2010), millions of people around the world will celebrate climate solutions and send our politicians a clear message:  “We’re getting to work—what about you?”  In Seattle, dozens of organizations representing business, church, environmental, government, and social justice interests are putting our unique Seattle sensibilities to this international day of service.

The Global Work Party on 10/10/10 is sponsored by 350.org.  According to climate scientists, 350 is the upper limit of CO2 in parts per million that can be in our atmosphere to support healthy human life.  We are closer to 390 and increasing our level of CO2 every year.

Over a dozen non-profit organizations have scheduled activities and work parties around Seattle all day long.  Many are family-friendly and all are hands-on.  You can go to a barter fair and cider pressing with Sustainable NE Seattle, recycle old baby car seats with CoolMom, view youth art with Sustainable Seattle, be inspired by a movie in Wallingford, go to a Coal to Solar Fair at Gasworks Park with the Sierra Club and Sustainable Wallingford, create a community garden with Alleycat Acres and Out for Sustainability, choose among 10 work parties with Sustainable Ballard, attend a church coffee hour with climate-friendly local food, write political letters, plant a tree, remove invasive weeds in a park, go to a lecture, a flash mob, or dance at an after party with Global Music Project.

If you want to start your own work party, you can register it at 350.org and “Get to Work for the Climate, Seattle!”

These are some of the participating organizations in the Seattle 10/10/10 Global Work Party:  (See a schedule of major events and participants at www.350.org/SeattleEvents)


350 Washington State (Facebook)

Alleycat Acres

Ballard Food Bank


Capitol Hill Housing

Carbon WA Ballot Initiative

City Fruit

Climate Solutions


Coyote Central

Earth Ministries

EOS Alliance

Friends of Lewis Park

Global Music Project

Green Century Electronic Recycling

Groundswell NW

Heart of Matter

Keystone U.C.C.

Moontown Foundation

OUT for Sustainability

Plymouth Congregational Church

Seattle Department of Transportation

Seattle Green Partnership

Seattle Parks

Seattle Public Libraries

Seattle Works

SewUp Seattle

Sierra Club (Cascade Branch)

Solar Cookers International

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

St. Paul’s U.C.C.

Sunset Hill Community Association

Sustainable Ballard

Sustainable NE Seattle

Sustainable Seattle

Sustainable Wallingford

Urban Wilderness Project

Wallingford Meaningful Movies

Wallingford Solar Initiative

Waste Management Inc.

Westside Baby

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