DavidBartonGym has announced that it has raised more than $100,000 during September, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, for The Clearity Foundation and The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, organizations that focus on the disease. In honor of founder David Barton’s sister, Diane, who lost her battle to the disease, he proclaimed September 22, 2010 as “Diane’s Day, ” when his entire staff volunteered to train members and non-members alike for the fund-raising effort.

To reach this goal, “Diane’s Day” featured an entire day of $50 personal training sessions at all DavidBartonGym locations in New York, Chicago, Miami and Bellevue. The gyms also offered a discounted enrollment fee throughout the month and donated all the proceeds raised by these two methods to ovarian cancer research, treatment and early detection efforts. DavidBartonGym also partnered with Jules Smith jewelry to create the Diane’s Charm bracelets, as well as glassbaby, a candleholder company created by cancer survivor, Lee Rhodes, with a portion of sales also benefiting the cause.

Renee Zellwegger, Kara DioGuardi, Alexandra Richards, Simon Doonan, Jonathan Adler, Leven Rambin and “Lost” star Josh Holloway, among others, helped support Barton’s initiatives in various impactful ways.

David Barton experienced first-hand the tragic impact Ovarian Cancer can have on women and their families when his sister lost her battle to the disease five years ago. Barton remains committed to the cause and has utilized his namesake gyms as resources to raise awareness and bring communities together to uphold the fight towards Ovarian Cancer awareness.

“Ovarian Cancer is hard to detect but harder to treat. I have partnered with two organizations whose research benefits people right now and who need additional funding to continue to make improvements in treatment and detection. Every penny gets us one step closer to improving someone’s chances and alleviating the tremendous suffering associated with ovarian cancer treatment,” said David Barton, founder of DavidBartonGym.

“OCRF is honored and thrilled to be partnering with David Barton and DavidBartonGyms this year during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month,” said Audra Moran, CEO of The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. “It’s important events like these that enable us to continue funding the research that will lead to a method of early detection, better treatments and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer.  We are so grateful to David and his staff for this wonderful opportunity.”

The Clearity Foundation will optimize DavidBartonGym’s financial contribution by enhancing their database of valuable research and data, increasing more accessibility to oncologists. “Thanks to the money raised by DavidBartonGym, The Clearity Foundation will improve its database of tumor “blueprints” and name it the Diane Barton Database, in honor of David’s sister, a physician who was only 45 years-old when she passed away,” said Laura Shawver, Ph.D., Founder of The Clearity Foundation. “David is deeply committed to providing women with ovarian cancer resources that can positively impact their lives today. At The Clearity Foundation we offer resources to do just that.”

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