Today I am going to put the spotlight on a few of our Featured Members at Eastside Entrpreneurs and link to their businesses.

Members can choose to be Featured Members by becoming supporting members of Eastside Entrepreneurs at any of three separate support levels, but the current Featured Members were chosen to be featured randomly.

Potsha Harris has just recently joined Eastside Entrepreneurs, but has been very active during her short time on the site.  She is a professional event planner and the name of her company is Lasting Impressions Events.  I’ll be meeting with Potsha soon to discuss having more events for Eastside Entrepreneurs.

Dan Edwards is a fellow real estate broker.  He works with Northstone Real Estate in Issaquah.  Dan is a real good guy and really understands the benefits of social media.

The name of Wendy Schnitzer‘s company is The Healthy Lifestyle Consultant which islocated in Bellevue and her ideal clients are anyone wanting to be fit and healthy and learn how to lose weight without dieting.  She writes an interesting blog called Fit Food Coach’s Blog.  I want to ask her what she thinks about powdered organic wheatgrass – and if she has a better greens drink to suggest.

Christina Johnson - Interiors by Decorating DenChristina Johnson‘s company is Interiors by Decorating Den.  It’s a pretty cool site that is worth check out – especially if you are interested in interior design.  Christina’s ideal clients are interested in making the spaces in which they live or work more beautiful, functional and comfortable.

David Clark‘s business is Xact Resources, LLC, which hires professionals seeking financial, technical or engineering expertise for project or permanent solutions.

Jerrod Sessler‘s company Home Task is based in Seattle.  HomeTask is a multi-brand service business which includes Yellow VAN Handyman.

Lindsay Wassell is a member of Eastside Entrepreneurs in Bellevue and represents  I want to ask Lindsay if is a networking marketing opportunity and if it would be a good fit for the upcoming Network Marketing Store.

I’m really glad to have the opportunity to put the spotlight on some of my fellow Eastside Entrepreneurs.  Please join us! EE is open to all!

One thought on “Spotlight On Today’s Featured Members at Eastside Entrepreneurs”
  1. Thanks Joe for the highlights of featured members, I was referred by a friend and business colleague. As a new member it’s great to see members being recognized; it makes us feel at home. The Eastside Entrepreneurs Social Network Community has so many talent business owners and so many resources that are offered right at your finger tips. I can make all my networking connections here and find all that I need to run my business successfully and meet new friends in my community. My reply to Joe is thank you for building a Community and connecting us to resources. I look forward to attending classes, conferences, and social networking events. I see a bright future for Lasting Impressions Events also known as (LNI Events) being a member of Eastside Entrepreneurs Social Network.

    Thank you, Potsha

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