Dolby Laboratories has appointed Ray DiCasparro as Director of Strategic Accounts, Americas Sales. In this role, Ray is responsible for strategizing and managing Dolby’s largest customer, Microsoft.

Prior to joining Dolby, Ray spent 15 years working at Microsoft in domestic and international positions, including: Director of Consumer Experience Marketing, where he developed and executed strategies to compete against Apple, Director of Corporate Development responsible for the acquisition of Danger /T-Mobile Flip Phone supplier, and Director of Business Development where he negotiated large dollar value component and IP agreements for Xbox, Zune, and manufacturing to compete against Sony.

Ray is based in Kirkland, Washington and works with Microsoft product groups including Windows, Windows Mobile, MediaRoom, Xbox, and SilverLight.  His role is to understand the businesses’ needs for high quality audio technologies and provide the best Dolby solutions for Microsoft and its end user customers.

When Ray is not focused on Microsoft and Dolby, he is an amateur Digital Forensic analyst, sailor, snowboarder, cyclist, photographer, and hiker.

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