CNN – the comical never news, never truth website and deep-state sponsored television station continues to dig it’s own grave by making up stories and just telling downright lies. They continue to attack anyone with traditional conservative (and American Patriot) values – as well as anyone who continues to support the great US President Donald Trump. Unfortunately now, US Congressman Matt Gaetz is paying the price for their libelous behavior – and I hope he sues the crap out of them. CNN knows their end is near.

CNN, along with their liberal main stream media accomplices continue to lie and make up stories to attempt to “cancel” a good, honest and Patriotic American and hurt his family It’s not going to work.

In their latest ridiculousness, CNN claims that Matt Gaetz has requested a meeting with US President Donald Trump and that Trump had turned him down. In their article they had to admit that President Trump’s spokesperson Jason Miller denied that Gaetz had even requested a meeting. I’m pretty sure that Trump and the rest of the world can see through the CNN bullshit.

BIDEN BORDER CRISIS: Is Joe Biden getting paid by the cartels? George Soros? Or Both?

It’s time that CNN be held accountable, along with the NY Times and Washington Post, among other MSM conspirators and American traitors.

By Zen Chi

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