Fake News CNN continues to peddle fear, doom and gloom to the few Americans that still read their trash or waste their time watching their crazed liberal opinion shows. The don’t want to talk about the Biden Border Crisis, or the scams that Joe and Hunter Biden have pulled on the American public, but they do want to tell you how terrible the Covid flu is and how the world is in so much danger because of the Plandemic.

CNN continues to espouse the lies and false narratives of their allies at the CDC, CCP, MSM and WHO (World Health Organization). They are pushing the (total bullshit) idea of a “vaccine passport” which they want required for everyone who wants to travel or eat at a restaurant. They even want you to wear TWO masks – even if you have taken the “‘totally safe and effective” vaccines.

The crazy lady now in charge at the CDC Center for Disease Control, has been apparently paid off and is proclaiming ‘the truth’ that the US is facing impending doom in the face of Covid-19 / Chinese Flu cases spiking around the country. And the Chinese News Network is happily running with this BS. They simply want the US and the World to be continually locked down in hopes their communist asses will be saved.

Not a chance. NOTHING can stop what’s coming – especially not CNN nor their fake news. Q is REAL!

Check out US President Trump new website at 45office.com – it won’t be long now …. The truth will be revealed. It will be BIBLICAL!

By Zen Chi

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