The Chinese News Network – or is it Comedy Not News site? continues its assault on the American people, our freedoms, needs, rights and desires without any regard for the constant damage they are doing to our great country. While they are largely ignoring their ‘star’ commentator Fredo Cuomo’s brother’s NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s growing problems with causing mass deaths in NY nursing homes and a increasing number of sexual harassment complaints by staffers and reporters, they continue their bullshit “fact checking” on US President Donald J. Trump.

The headlines today on (or is it CCP.CN?) read: “Fact Check: Trump Delivers Lie-filled CPAC Speech” and “Trump Unleashes New Threat to US Democracy”.

Doesn’t CNN realize that NOBODY believes their lies any more? This is the same website that claims Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary “The Wicked Witch” Clinton, there was not any cheating in the 2020 election, that Trump and his supporters were behind some type of “insurrection” at the US Capitol on January 6th and that QAnon is some type of violent, dangerous conspiracy theory cult.

CNN simply cannot be believed in any of their commentary or opinions – they stopped reporting real news long ago. Still the same, they should be allowed to continue to spew their lies, hate and divisive rhetoric, as America was built on ideals of freedoms – like free speech and the right to bear arms. They will just continue to bury themselves, as Americans will no longer allow ourselves to be continually shit on by the likes of Anderson (Clowns in America Vanderbilt) Cooper, Don Assaulter Lemon and Fredo Cuomo. We The People call BS on CNN.

There are millions of Americans who cannot stand watching what the people who control Joe Biden are doing to damage our great country. We are wanting for the real truth to come out about the 2020 election and the corruption of most of the politicians in the US.

BTW – Boycott ‘big tech’ and Stop the Steal.

By Zen Chi

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