CNN and Liberal MSM Very Afraid – Already Trying to Discredit CPAC

The title of one of today’s anti-American, anti-conservative posts on CNN’s fake news site is “Breaking Down False Claims from the First Day of CPAC”. The liberal propaganda and hate being spewed by the Communist News Network CNN shows just how afraid they are of the truth.

CNN and their main stream media conspirators fully know that the 2020 election was stolen. They also know that there is so much proof that the election will eventually be overturned – and everyone involved in the crime will be facing justice.

CNN, MSN and the censoring big tech machines know that in Arizona, a judge has ruled that Maricopa County must turn over the ballots from the 2020 election and provide access to the voting machines to the Arizona State Senate. They are scared. Very scared. And they should be.

Stop The Steal

The American people know that there is no way that stumbling, bumbling Joe Biden and his radical left wing could have anywhere near the support (and the votes) that President Donald Trump did. We’ve seen more than enough solid evidence from multiple jurisdictions that there was something fishy going on – and we demand to know the truth.

Still the same, the CCP controlled leftist CNN is continuing to “fact check” anything that does not fit their assigned narrative in an attempt to discredit it. We The People, including former CNN fans can see right through their crap. They are kicking and scratching for their survival – but they are getting exposed just like the swamp creatures in Washington DC.

By Zen Chi

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