Now this is really funny: Nasty Nancy Pelosi has announced that she plans to push for a ‘9/11-type commission’ to investigate the sham ‘insurrection’ that supposedly took place in the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Apparently failing at her second try for an impeachment wasn’t bad enough.

Her house “impeachment managers” were caught red-handed tampering with evidence during the trial and then declined to allow any witnesses – once they found out that Ms. Pelosi was on top of the lengthy witness list produced by President Donald J. Trump’s defense attorneys. There is a really bad fish smell coming out of Washington DC – even worse than usual.

CNN Viewers are Crazed: Read Their Comments

It’s apparent that Pelosi is smart enough to realize that she and the loser Dems are going down – and she is kicking, scratching and clawing to make sure that some of the dirty RINOs are going to go down with her and her gang. No better reason to plan for a commission in the style of 9/11, than to simply coverup what most reasonable people already know. Pelosi knew what was planned for January 6th – and was part of the collusion and cover-up of said event.

BTW – Can you say “Stop the Steal“?

There is too much evidence, including video, live news broadcasts and eye witness accounts contradicting the narrative coming from the dems, MSM and ‘big tech’. This was a big set up and Pelosi was intimately involved.

Why else would Pelosi have denied a request for National Guardsmen at the US Capitol prior to January 6th?

C’mon America – we must wake up and dump this witch before she manages to do any further damage to our country.

By Zen Chi

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