It seems as though CNN is constantly trying to one up themselves in trying to divide our great country – and deflect blame from the radical left that they love to promote and cover for. US President Trump has been out of office for over a week and CNN is still blaming him for the divisiveness in Congress.

One day after the power hungry and TDS inflicted Speaker of the House, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, claimed that “the enemy is within”, CNN runs a story entitled “Trump’s legacy of mistrust sends Congress into total war” (we were sent via Newsbreak). They did not mention that Pelosi and her radical dem pals continue on a path to an unconstitutional impeachment of a man who does not even hold office – a second scam impeachment of a man who they stated they wanted to impeach, even before he took office. If that is not divisive, nothing is.

Even though the Dems have apparently stolen an election for a lifetime politician who has blackmailed foreign governments and fought for quid pro quos to enrich his family and himself, CNN, MSM, lame spy tech (formerly known as big tech or social media) continue to blame all their perceived problems on one of the greatest Presidents of all time.

Stay tuned. Trump will be back in a big way. He has A LOT of support.

By Zen Chi

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