CNN is definitely not fair, non-biased or an actual new outlet. The racism, double standards and bigotry of Don Lemon are crazy and dangerous. The elitism of the Clowns in America’s Anderson Cooper ignores 95% of Americans.

This is how they operate. They continue to blame the ‘riot’ at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 on President Donald Trump, who was still speaking to his thousands of supporters, a 30 minute walk away, when the Antifa and BLM thugs were let past the police barricades and into the Capitol building by Capitol police.

Now CNN is fully ignoring the fact that the FBI has arrested a left-wing, Black Lives Matter ‘activist’ named John Sullivan for his role in the riot. He was wearing a bullet proof jacket and other protective gear in the Capitol and was recorded while attempting to get others to set the Capitol building on fire. Still the same, he falsely claims that he was simply there to “document” the siege.

As protesters climbed over a wall near the Capitol entrance, he allegedly exclaimed in the video, “You guys are f—— savage. Let’s go!”

“There are so many people,” Sullivan’s voice can be heard saying as the camera shows a large group of people making its way toward the building. “Let’s go. This s— is ours! F– yeah. I can’t believe this is reality.”

“We accomplished this s—,” he said at another point “We did this together. F— yeah! We are all a part of this history.” screams the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist John Sullivan.

But the CNN, the Communist News Network, as most of their MSM conspirators, won’t report on what really happened. It doesn’t fit their narrative – nor what they want the American people to believe. They don’t believe in TRUTH.

It’s interesting, although predictable that Joe Biden’s clone, the “President Elect” has not come out to denounce any violence from BLM or Antifa – not last summer when they were burning down cities across America – and not while Congress is falsely impeaching Donald Trump because of their actions.

US Special Forces recovering laptops in the US Capitol?

Another thing that they are ignoring is that US Special Forces were in the building that day and have recovered Nasty Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. The word on the street is that Pelosi’s laptop is much, much more damning than even Hunter Biden’s or Anthony Weiner’s.

This is going to get interesting. Enjoy the show!

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By Zen Chi

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