It’s really difficult to believe that any of the people that send us comments supporting the Chinese News Network at CNN are actually Americans. They certainly do NOT believe in freedom or love America.

Read some of their comments:

Name: dusty sorensen (real name? probably not, as most CNN viewers are totally gutless)

Message: Impeachment
I need to know the Republicans that still support trump after the insurrection at the Capitol we need a list of all who still support him.
We also need a list of the Republicans who will not support impeachment.
We also need a list of the Republicans that do not support removing the president under the 25th amendment.
As you know as time passes you forget names we need this list so we can take them with us when we vote to make sure we do not give our votes to these Republicans I am a Republican I am not of the trump party the trump parties are not Republicans I am a true Republican and need this list for the future.
As for the future I cannot support Fox News if they continue to support the president the supported the insurrection, and the one and only president in the history of the United States the tried to take office by power we’re not a third world country not yet!
If Fox News continues in their present position I no longer will buy any product that’s offered during their news broadcast and will try and start a movement to boycott these companies.
I will be waiting to see if you produce this list there are a few of us real Republicans that would like this list for the future I hope Fox News covers and help support the Republican Party not the trump party that will die in time.
I sent this letter to Fox News with no reply now I’m asking CNN and MSNBC to produce a list that we can print out and take with us when we vote.

Barbara Payton

I have grown weary of talk about the President being mentally unstable as if he’s “suddenly” had a mental breakdown. This President is what he has always been a narcissistic sociopathic liar. When I hear someone is mentally ill, I tend to have sympathy, the same as I would if someone were physically ill. That is not the case here.

The President is not mentally unstable, even though he is not as bright as his outrageous claims of genius. He is “morally” unstable and morally unfit to serve and fits the definition of an “amoral” person, which is someone having or showing no concern about whether behavior is morally right or wrong. There has been nothing sudden about it.

He has displayed the same behavior since the very beginning of his Presidency. No person should be surprised at where we are now. I won’t say that Nixon had the decency (that would be giving him too much credit), but at least he had the “common sense” to resign.

This President is also void of all common sense. My hope for the future is that Congress will tighten the vetting procedures for all presidential candidates so that we don’t get a president anything like Trump in the future. So obvious, with his past history, even before his candidacy, he never should have been allowed to run.

This comment is almost funny, as it (as well as the other comments) fully ignore everything that President Trump has been able to accomplish despite daily battles with congress and the RINOs. World Peace? Nobody on the left seems to care about that any more – cause they’ve all been brainwashed into thinking that “Orange Man Bad”.

Here’s another comment from a CNN fan:

Nina Laboard

I am a huge fan of CNN News especially: sexual pervert and gay accoster Don Lemon, Anthony Cooper (I think she means Anderson Cooper from the Clowns in America, Chris Cuomo aka ‘Fredo’, and so many others.

As of this moment, there is so much I have to say, but that will come later, right now, there is one important message, I would like to express, because of the pandemic and the seriousness of it all.

Our country has been struck with severe- ignorance and hatred, relating to the health, safety, and soul of Our country. Immediately after, when our President Elect Sleepy Creepy Behjing Joe Biden, and our Vice President Elect Camel Toes on her knees Harris take their respective positions along with the well seasoned and qualified – cream of the crop experts in their respective positions are all aligned, if people in this country continue to be rebellious- not wearing masks and social distancing obeying all that is required of us as a country, then their would be no other- choice then to shut down the country with certain regulations, because this pandemic effects all of us as a whole, and it has absolutely nothing to do with violating our rights, but everything to do with preserving our rights to live and to breath!!! and for the well being of our country!

To All My CNN NEWS FAMILY : I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! until again…..

By Zen Chi

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