I remember a time when readers could turn to Reuters for decent, non-biased reporting on news having to do with the US. That’s been gone a LONG time. Reuters is now very difficult to differentiate from the MSM that is based in the US – every day, they are sending out the same narrative.

Jan Wolfe is a semi-official Trump hater for Reuters - and definitely NOT a journalist!
Jan Wolfe is a semi-official Trump hater for Reuters – and definitely NOT a journalist!

Today’s article on Reuters.com by Jan Wolfe entitled “Explainer: Can Trump’s lawyers be disciplined for making false claims?” is perfect evidence of the lack of reporting and the advancement of the main stream media mob’s narrative that Joe Biden actually won the election.

All throughout MSM and Big Tech they have been proclaiming that despite growing evidence, claims of voter fraud are “baseless”. Jan Wolfe claims this in their first sentence, along with stating the Trump campaign has brought “a flurry” of lawsuits challenging the results, “many” of which were dismissed.

A real reporter would have done some actual work and found out how many lawsuit constitute “a flurry”, the number of those that were actually dismissed and how many are still active in courts across the country. Buy Jan Wolfe apparently is not a real reporter. Looking at their list of ‘credits’ Jan World appears to only write critiques of US President Donald J. Trump. Makes one wonder what Jan Wolfe will be doing if Biden does win …. Maybe Jan Wolfe will have a nice, cushy, position inside the Biden government?

Later in the “article” Wolfe calls Biden “President-elect Joe Biden” and claims that President Trump is trying to steal the election. That’s an interesting point of view, but it’s not news – and it’s not the truth.

Congratulations Jan Wolfe and Reuters – you have joined CNN, MSNBC and all the other fake news MSM fantasy outlets. You probably think the news is you and your opinion – I’m here to tell you that you are WRONG!

By Zen Chi

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