While the entire planet is highly anticipating the outcome of tomorrow’s US Presidential Election, the self-important talking heads are already melting down. The CNN “reporters” who think that they are the news are making up more fake news and claiming that President Trump is going to claim victory before enough votes are counted – and try to steal the election.

He has not come up with any plans anything close to that – but I will go out on a (very short) limb and claim victory for the Trump Campaign today – on November 2nd – almost two days before the final votes will be cast.

The fake news CNN ‘personalities’ know that Trump is going to win in a landslide – and they are desperate to find a way to circumvent the will of American voters. Claiming that President Trump is going to prematurely and falsely claim victory is CNN and the main stream media’s way of causing more fear and doubt in the minds of American citizens.

Another interesting point to consider is that businesses in Democrat run cities around the country have already started boarding up their windows, anticipating violence that Joe Biden and the left have promised if/when President Donald J. Trump wins re-election. You don’t see that sort of thing happening in Republican cities at all.

Despite CNN insisting that people interested in QAnon and others on the Trump Train are into violence, that’s not true – the real violence being perpetrated across our great country is being committed by the phony BLM (which only supports Biden and the democrats and does nothing for people of color) and the terrorist group known as Antifa.

By Zen Chi

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