Red Wave of American Voters Make Their Choices Clear: 4 More Years, No Censorship in America and “Hell No” to Socialism

Fake News CNN and the rest of the deep state main stream media in America around the world are failing miserably in their attempt to prevent US President Donald Trump from winning a 2nd Presidential term on November 3rd.

Even with the huge assist that the dems and MSM have been getting from social media giants Google, Facebook, Twitter and more (aka ‘Big Tech’), the inevitable ‘red wave’ is more like a tsunami. Even with the unprecedented and immoral censorship of Americans perpetuated by the deep state big tech, they do not stand a chance of stopping the American voters from re-electing their beloved and abused President Donald J. Trump.

Once the election is over, these ‘big tech’ titans will be having to pay a HUGE price for their censorship. This reporter hopes that they are prevented from doing business ever again in the US and any other country that is a partner of ours. There is NO place for censorship in America.

Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper are secret lovers swapping cum whenever they can
Never Trumpers and Secret Lovers from Fake News CNN

There’s no place in America for clowns like fake news CNN’s Fredo Cuomo or their Clowns in America import Anderson Cooper. There is certainly no place in America for the treasonous traitor Miles Taylor who started a smear campaign against President Trump a couple of years ago, while lying and calling himself “Anonymous” and claiming to be a “Senior Whitehouse staffer in the Trump Administration:. No, there is no place in America for these clowns, but I do understand that the US Military Prison at Guantanamo Bay was remodeled last year. There will undoubtedly be special cells in Gitmo reserved for each of these anti-American traitors.

By Zen Chi

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