While we are still waiting to find out exactly who it is pulling the strings for the Deep State, it is more than obvious that CNN (aka Clown News Network) is owned, paid for and controlled by people who hate America and don’t believe that Americans deserve truth in media.

Even the Australian media can see that US President Donald Trump is a shoe-in to be re-elected in November, Joe Biden is too senile to be running and that Crooked Hillary Clinton will be installed as the DNC’s nominee again – which will effectively be the end of the democratic party.

The MSM/CIA/CCP/Illuminati partnership, now rebranded as the Deep State, are super afraid of the Storm that US President Donald Trump is sending their way. So scared that they can see their worldwide tenure slipping from their grasp, causing them to pull out all stops – including a phony pandemic, threat of mandatory vaccines and manufactured race riots. They know their time has come and the people of the world will be taking back our power – but their only chance to escape justice for their crimes against humanity is to pull out all stops and go down swinging.

Joe Biden is the ‘Presumptive’ Nominee of the DNC – or is he just their #tool ?

Fake News and their MSM partners actually have the gall to claim that Trump is losing to senile Joe Biden in the polls. Not only do they claim that – they are now doubling down, saying that President Trump is losing in states that he won big in 2016. Just like the “Global Plandemic”, we all know this is a totally fabricated deep state narrative that they actually think Americans will agree with. In the end – it is not going to help their cause.

Joe Biden Dementia My Ass
Joe Biden Dementia My Ass – I’ve Always Been This Dumb

As Q says, “NOTHING can stop what is coming”. Not even the hate and lies coming from the Deep State and their many tools – including CNN and MSM.

By Zen Chi

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