Deep State Clown News Network Claims
Federal Bureau of Investigation Feared Trump

CNN just does not stop reporting fake news – and ignoring real issues that matter to Americans. Perhaps they are more complicit than that and are guilty of attempting to cover-up the illegal spying that they did on US President Donald Trump.

Former US President Barack Obama and former US Vice President Joe Biden could soon find themselves in a heap of trouble as relevant documents continued to be declassified.
Both Barry Renegade Obama and Joe I Forgot Biden Could Be in A LOT of Hot Water,
but fake news CNN continues to try to cover it up and pretend
like they didn’t commit the treasonous crimes that they did.

CNN aka, the Chinese News Network continues to ignore SpyGate, the fact that Donald Trump’s campaign and later his administration was illegally spied on by the formerly trusted FBI.

The former Director of the FBI in the Obama Administration, shady anti-American James Comey, even bragged on stage and caught on video about spying on the Trump administration shortly after Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States. It has since been learned that he actually was directed by Obama to keep Obama informed of all aspects of their spying operation.

According to the crooks at CNN, the very dishonest “7th floor” at the FBI building feared Trump. They should have, because he said he was going to drain the swamp and he’s doing it. Almost none of the people involved in the illegal spying activity are still employed by the FBI. President Trump is making the FBI trustable again – and in fact today just announced that he wants to build them a brand new headquarters building in Washington DC.

There has already been many government documents declassified by the Director of National Intelligence, which shows that Obama, Biden, Susan Rice were in cahoots with the FBI and CIA to bring false accusations against a political rival. A rival, who surprised many by winning the election despite the cheating and treasonous activities of the Obama administration – combined with the unethical and possibly criminal activities of the main stream media like CNN.

John Durham and Bill Barr are tasked with seeing that justice is served.
John Durham and Bill Barr are tasked with seeing that justice is served.

SpyGate has turned into ObamaGate and ObamaGate is not going away. The US Department of Justice has had US Attorney John Durham investigating this issue and rumor has it there are at least 17 sealed indictments so far. When pressed on the matter while attempting to testify to the House of Representatives the other day, Attorney General Barr was asked if he would promise that the Durham report and or indictments would be held until after the November 3rd Presidential election. Barr’s simple reply “NO.”

It’s about to go down folks! August is going to be a VERY HOT month!

By Zen Chi

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