Chinese News Network Continues to Peddle Fear, Lies and Fake News

The Clown News Network just does not stop. They continue to spout lies and hate. They are trying to tell people that President Trump’s poll numbers are sinking – whose polls are they talking about? Because they certainly are NOT talking about polls that include Americans who love our country.

CNN's Don Le-Mon and Fredo "Quantine Isnt' For Me" Cuomo Continue to Peddle Fear Lies and Hate
CNN’s Don Le-Mon and Fredo “Quantine Isnt’ For Me” Cuomo
Continue to Peddle Fear Lies and Hate

CNN also continue to fuel fear amongst Americans that cannot see through the ‘global pandemic’ scam of MSM and leftist politicians. They continue to push for making everyone continually wear a mask (to promote fear) and for mail in voting (to allow for voting fraud).

With their lack of real reporting and obvious continual anti-American bias, people are asking themselves what CNN is trying to hide – and who is pulling the strings and telling them the narratives to push.

Why is CNN and MSM providing cover for the phony Joe Biden campaign? Do they think Democrat voters are too stupid to see that he is incapable of running anything? Are democrat voters really gullible enough to think that they are actually going to get to vote for Sleepy Creepy Quid Pro Joe Biden for President? Don’t they know he is a real liability – in many ways?

Flatten The Fear
Flatten the Fear say doctors across the country as they work
to get out the FACTS about Covid-19

If you are interested in true information about about the Covid-19 virus from real doctors, please make sure to check out Flatten the Fear at It shows how overwhelmingly ridiculous it is to keep our country shut down – and schools closed. The real truth shown by the doctors at Flatten the Fear exposes the fear mongering left, CNN and the rest of the main stream media. They literally no longer have anything left to hide behind.

By Zen Chi

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