From CNN’s “Town Hall” Promoting Joe Biden on Veteran’s Day

Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden said impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump could convince independents and Republicans to oppose Trump.

Asked at a CNN town hall Monday night whether impeachment proceedings would help or hurt Democrats in the 2020 election, Biden answered that — no matter the political outcome — Trump’s actions have left the House of Representatives with no choice but to proceed.

“The House has no option. It has to enforce the Constitution, whether or not — whether or not — it turns out to work or not work, or whether or not it turns out that he should or shouldn’t be kicked out of office,” he said.

Biden added that if Democrats make a strong case that Trump violated his oath of office, “you’re going to find that those areas that are independent and Republican areas saying, whoa, whoa, we got to do something, we got to do something.”

“That’s going to change their view. Let’s see where the facts lead us,” Biden said. He added: “My job is just to go beat him.”

By Zen Chi

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