With the recent incident in Miami there was unprecedented police response and almost no media reporting. The official narrative was that it was just some kids fighting in the street, but there have been a large number of reports of “beings that were 10-12 feet tall”. It is curious that so many cops showed up if it was only a street fight – and that the lame stream legacy media barely touched it.

Many people have been blaming this incident on “Project Blue Beam“. Have you ever heard of Project Blue Beam – which was first known as Project Sky Beam?

According to the site AllThatIsInteresting.com, “Project Blue Beam was first proposed in the early 1990s by journalist-turned-conspiracy theorist, Serge Monast, who had taken a deep interest in the writings of another conspiracy theorist, William Guy Carr. Monast began writing about secret societies, becoming particularly interested in the New World Order conspiracy theory β€” which served as the foundation for Project Blue Beam.

Project Blue Beam Serge Monast

In short, Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory that suggests NASA, with support from the United Nations, was attempting to create a New World Order by implementing a New Age religion headed by the Antichrist using sufficiently advanced technology to trick people into believing in this religion.

So, get your tin foil hats ready, and read on to learn everything you need to know about Project Blue Beam.”

When I asked ChatGPT to write a description for a website about Project Blue Beam, it came up with this drivel:
“Project Blue Beam is a controversial conspiracy theory that alleges a secret plan by a global elite to use advanced technology to deceive the world’s population. While the theory has been widely debunked, a website dedicated to exploring and discussing Project Blue Beam may provide information about its origins, key proponents, and the evidence presented by believers. The website could also feature critical analyses, expert opinions, and fact-checking to offer a comprehensive view of the theory. It should aim to foster a balanced discussion, encouraging visitors to critically evaluate the claims and make informed decisions about the validity of Project Blue Beam. Please note that the theory itself lacks credible evidence and is widely considered a baseless conspiracy.”

I’m not sure about you, but so many “conspiracy theories” have been recently proven as conspiracy facts, that I’m certainly wondering why All That Is Interesting and ChatGPT are so one sided about Project Blue Beam. Indeed, I personally have learned to ignore the legacy media, think for myself, do my own research and be ultra suspicious of Government, our installed “leaders”, as well as “Little Tech” and their bought and paid for “fact chuckers”.

In just a couple of hours ok reading about and watching videos about Project Blue Beam on X, I have learned enough to know that there is A LOT more to PBB that just being a so-called “baseless conspiracy theory”. This has the potential to have enough of an effect on humanity and the future of our planet, that I did buy ProjectBlueBeam.org to help educate people about this “conspiracy” and help them be aware of what is happening if and when it does get fully unleashed.

If you have or know of any information regarding Project Blue Beam or Project Sky Beam, or the use of holograms to deceive earth’s population, please let me know by sending an email to JoeAbsDotCom(at)gmail.com with the subject line I’m Not Scared of Project Blue Beam.

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